Private Investment Program

Cumberland Property Investments offers a unique opportunity to investors who are interested in profiting from real estate investment, but do not have the time, experience, interest or risk profile to purchase a property, renovate it and put it on the market for resale.  Use our expertise to your financial advantage.  With verified funds, you can become a private investment partner with Cumberland Property Investments on residential and/or commercial real estate renovation projects.  We offer several investment options with guaranteed returns where you have more control (and in many cases better returns) than putting your money in stocks and funds.  Acceptable sources of funds to invest in our projects include cash, line of credit and IRA or 401K through self-directed service companies.

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Private Investment

Cumberland Property Investments

To improve and beautify Nashville’s inner core and suburban neighborhoods, one property at a time.  By purchasing properties that have taken on repair needs over the decades and restoring them to their former glory, Cumberland Property Investments increases the safety profile, appearance and property values for Nashville’s many historic and diverse neighborhoods.  This mission is in our blood because we LIVE Nashville and LOVE Nashville!
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Cumberland Property Investments